Memphis animal shelter

3456 tchulahoma road
Memphis, TN 38118
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Wish they had no kill policy

    by: RhondaY

    I wish they believed in the no kill policy but they don't.


    haven't heard a lot of pros


    kill policy

  • 2. Recent bad NEWS

    by: khills

    Memphis local news recently had an expose of this shelter. I had heard some terrible things about their euthanasia practices prior to watching the news broadcast. A local elderly man was featured who had a dog that had gotten out of his fence. He called the Memphis shelter, and they did have his dog. It was near closing time, and he did not have the $75 cash to get his beloved dog out. He told the clerk on the phone that he would be there the next day to get the dog. When he arrived, they had already killed his pet knowing the owner was coming. The dog was not even given the 3 days before killing her. He was shattered. His dog was all he had, and he had to live knowing her last 2 days were terrifying in a strange cage with her death coming at the hands of strangers who did not care anything about her. The shelter offered him $200 for doing this. He only wanted his dog. They also had a lot of dogs disappear unaccounted for including a bunch of pit bulls. It is frightening to know my son has a beloved dog in Memphis that would end up there is anyone ever accidentally left his gate open. My heart breaks for the agony the people running that place put that poor man through.




    Bad News