Mckean county spca

80 glenwood avenue
Bradford, PA 16701
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User Reviews (5)

  • 1. McKean County SPCA would benefit from your help

    by: MyGoldenKids

    Two of my Goldens, Princess and Buddy, came from the McKean County SPCA. Although it's hard to tell who may or may not be committed to a life-time committment of owning a pet, they DO have the best interest of the animal in mind when adopting them out. I did experience this, due to a lack of communication within the shelter, but I understood and commend them in looking out for the animal's best interest. If things don't work out they gladly accept the pets back to the shelter to find the right family. I gave them an excellent rating on cleanliness. After all, it IS a shelter for homeless animals, and when you get as many animals in one place as they do it's bound to have these issues. This is not out of the ordinary.


    Staff is pretty good in selecting good homes


    In need of more space

  • 2. McKean County SPCA Needs your help

    by: janeyv

    This facility is a good one and deserves all the help it can get.


    For the animals


    Needs more help

  • 3. In need of help!

    by: jlb4238

    I would love for the Mckean County SPCA to receive help for the animals in which they take in. My heart goes out to all the animals and I wish that I could just take all of them home with me and take care of them. I love animals and pray that they find nice homes.


    Desire to find homes for their animals.


    Limited space for the animals they have.

  • 4. Adopt a shelter animal from the McKean County SPCA

    by: elizabeth1255

    Great animals just waiting to meet you at the McKean County SPCA! Please stop in and visit our shelter - there are terrific dogs and cats available, even a ferret, rabbit, or a bird from time to time. The helpful staff will be glad to introduce you! You may just meet your own new best friend!


    Beautiful facility, terrific animals, dedicated staff!


    Money is always an issue - your financial support is needed!

  • 5. The best pets are SPCA pets!

    by: kwebster

    We love the McKean County SPCA!\r\nThe cat room is my favorite. There are so many cats to choose from. I want to take one home every time I go to visit! \r\nAll of our pets have been adopted from the McKean County SPCA. I'm sure all of our future adoptions will be done there too.\r\nThe staff and volunteers are very helpful and friendly. They take very good care of all of the animals and keep the shelter clean.


    Lots of great pets to choose from!


    Noisy kennels