Mcinerny dog park

2700 waialae avenue
Honolulu, HI
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Slopy area, lots of dirt, water feature

    by: corey240

    There are a few regular dogs that play here that are aggressive. One is a beagle male, not fixed. He has gotten into many fights, and also attacked a person trying to stop the fight. His owner doesn't correct him and doesn't seem to think that what he does is wrong. I think the dog's name is Snoopy.\n\nDon't bring your dog when it is there unless your dog is bigger and assertive.\n\nThe park itself is nice, has landscaped areas. The grass gets pretty worn out so it gets all dirt, and when it rains, that turns to mud. Not good if the weather is wet.\n\nThe water feature is a big hit with labs and water-loving breeds. It smells of chlorine, and it looks clear, so at least it is well-maintained.\n


    Benches and shade, ample parking


    lots of dirt, some aggro dogs

  • 2. Right at the shelter

    by: RainieA

    This is located at the Humane Society in Waialae. It is off to one side and has a solid wood fence around and two gates. There is a pathway with various ferns that you can stroll in. There is also a pool and waterfall that the dogs can jump in to cool off. It is shallow, like for a lab, it would be as deep as their legs.\n\nThe park doesn't have much grass as it has been trampled away. There is dirt, and some trees and benches. The dogs have a fairly big area to run around in, and it is sloped so the dogs get a better workout. This is great as the area has some apartments which would offer a great place for these apartment dogs to let off some energy.\n\nThere are problems with poop, there is a lot that isn't picked up. I think it is due to the owners not paying attention to their dog, and just talking to other people. Normally, you would pick up poop regardless of whose dog made it, just so that no one would step in it.\n\nThere are a few aggressive dogs there, and for other dogs, it can be a let down. Specifically there is a beagle named Snoopy, not fixed and he has gotten into several fights with other dogs and attacked other people, drawing blood. The owner seems clueless as to the aggression of her dog, by the way is not fixed.\nThis dog already has a famous reputation in Honolulu as one reason not to go to this dog park. If your dog is big and confident, it isn't a problem. \n\nThere is a lot of parking, in front and in the back, closer to the Honey Hams of Hawaii area.\n\nThe nice thing is that the dogs from the shelter can go in there by the volunteers instead of being kenneled the entire time.\n\nYou will get dirty here because of the amount of dirt and mud (and not much grass).


    Located at the shelter, has nice wooden fence, pool area


    Some dogs are aggressive