Mcclain William Bev Dvm

4101 Tates Creek Centre D
Lexington, KY 40517

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  • 1. Saved my dog's life

    by: ansander

    My dog was bitten by a spider and sent into diabetic shock. I took her to Tates Creek just because it was closest to my house, but it was the luckiest thing I have ever done. Dr. Quigley and the rest of the girls on staff took the best care imaginable. No one thought that my dog was going to live when we left Monday evening, but after staying at the clinic all day, every day for a week, Guernsey pulled through and is now completely normal. She has to have insulin injections twice a day and is on a special diet, but it's completely worth it to still have her with me.


    wonderful staff, clean, knowledgable


    fairly expensive