Mayde Creek Animal Health Center

3355 North Fry Road
Katy, TX 77449

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Review about working there

    by: ztT4MP98338946

    This facility is probably one of the best around. The Kennel Supervisor is VERY helpful and honest but on the downside you should not trust the other kennel staff. One girl will do anything to get you fired if you make her angry or step on her toes just a little. I was there for almost a year, and because she didnt want to work with me in the afternoon, she told lies to get me fired, and the clinic manager listened to her, who had only worked there for a few days versus myself who had been there for so long. Otherwise, Every other aspect is great! they are very organized and professional.


    Very knowledgable!!


    Kennel Staff honesty

  • 2. I only trust them

    by: madpanda78

    I love taking my dogs to Mayde Creek animal Health Center! The overall appearance of the building both inside and out makes me feel like I'm an extremely rich person that can afford a million dollar vet. My dogs vetrinarian is amazing. She treats my dogs and me with so much respect and she makes sure that everything is 100% with my dogs. Especially my older dog Hershey who is an older dog and has lots of fatty tumors. The vet measures all of the tumors and writes them down so that next time Hershey comes in she can make sure that none of them are growing more so we don't have to worry about cancer. The people are polite and the entire place is very clean in my opinion. I would never dream of taking my dogs anywhere else.


    Great vets that are very knowledgable, treat my dogs great, very clean


    A little pricy