Massillon Animal Hospital Inc

1107 Lincoln Way East
Massillon, OH 44646

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. the best

    by: Luvmypups

    We have always trusted our animals here with Dr. Christine. He is wonderful and the staff is great. Our dogs are huge chickens but they have no problems they make them feel comfortable! they have taken great care of our animals and have been so helpful through problems with allergies and anything else thrown our way! We would recommend them to anyone! If your looking for a caring and helpful vet this is it!


    Great with the animals / very helpful and informative!



  • 2. The BEST!!!!

    by: Jennabeans

    I work next door to this vet. Everyday at least 3 of there employee's come to get lunch. I see Bob and Becky everyday except Sunday. What's special about this vet is that they are not only an animal hospital but they also take in animals that are not wanted and try to find them good homes basically by word of mouth. One day I was talking to Bob about some black Kittens that they had in there lobby that needed a home. I told Bob that I would be over after work. I went in and the kittens were cute but they were not for me. So the next day Bob told me about a older male gray tiger that needed a home. They were giving him a week to find a home or they were taking him to the pound. I again went over after work and visited him.. He was great. He was a lovable big TOM cat. And one big plus was that they had fixed him just 2 days before and gave him all his shots for FREE.. I went home and told my husband and he told me it was up to me. Well I took him home the next day. He fit in to our family instantly. Simba took him rite in. Well I started to notice that he was shaking his head alot. I called and took him back in. They didn't charge me at all they cleaned his ears and gave him some med. and off we went. I used all the med that they gave me and it was still there. So I called back again and they told me to bring him back in so I did. This time Oscar saw Dr Evans. He looked at him and said that they have there that he was a feral cat. And that he bits on the card. I said does it look like he is Feral.. He is the most lovable cat. So anyways he found a GROWTH in his ear so we set a surgery date. We went ahead and did the surgery and the customer service we recieved was no comparison to anywhere I had went before. Dr Evans called me after surgey and gave me an update. Then again the next morning and gave me the choice to give him one more night there. So he called me again that night just to fill me in that he was doing great. I picked him up on the 3 day. When I paid the bill I was expecting 250.00 it was only 126.00 and he had already had it figured up to take off 50% anyways cause he most likely had it when I brought him home.. But he is doing great and I thank the Staff for everything that they did for Oscar..


    Close to home and or work


    There really is none