Massachusetts humane society, inc.

87 wharf street
East weymouth, MA 02189

User Reviews (4)

  • 1. not for dogs

    by: StaceySweet

    We had adopted a dog, Bella, from here about 2 years ago. We were told that she was fun loving and was house trained. We had her home with us for about a week and found her to not be house trained at all. She had also started nipping at us. We decided to work with her & train her ourselves - then she started biting. We contacted the shelter and Joan told us that we must be doing something wrong because she never bit anyone or had a history. I ran into one of the volunteers at the convenience store & tried to find out the history of our poor Bella and the volunteer told us that Bella used to nip at them and had bitten before. Very shocked that we weren't told about this as we live in a neighborhood with kids (even though our kids are grown, they still have little ones that come over constantly). very upsetting experience. I've heard from a couple of friends that the cats are a different story as they are taken better care of than the dogs - must be the shelter owner's preference.





  • 2. Bleh

    by: Silvo

    Parents adopted a pet awhile back and was not told that she bit volunteers. The dog was "dumped" by whoever so no prior history was really known. I do know by a friend that a few workers had bite marks on them from our (at the time) new dog. The owner left this information out and not too long after adoption, she bit my father multiple times. Upon many attempts at confrontation, we were ignored. I've long since moved from MA but I know my parents no longer have her as a pet because of the biting. Unfortunately, they will only purchase dogs from reputable breeders as puppies now.


    Nice facility


    Tells lies to get people to adopt

  • 3. I love MHS!!

    by: xoxoissyb07xoxo

    MHS is sooo amazing! it is the best shelter i have ever volunteerd at! The animals there are treated so well and the owner Joanne loves them all as if they were her own children. This shelter is so great, so stop by and look at all of our cool and sweet animals!


    It has great staff and the animals are very well taken care of! The owner Joanne is so nice and she loves all the animals so much, its also a no-kill shelter so all the animals there are treated like people!


    Needs new entrance fence

  • 4. MHS Rocks!

    by: thecrazyducky

    MHS is an awesome shelter. All the animals are taken care of very nicely, getting the medical attention they need. For example, Jack, an 8 year old Russian Blue cat, just got a tumor above his eye removed and he is healing very nicely. Joanne takes great care of the shelter and all the animals, some of which are taken care of so well that they are getting chubby!! All the volunteers help out often, coming one or more days a week. MHS is an amazing shelter, and truly deserves a makeover.


    Each animal is cared for as best as possible, animals get the vet care they need, everyone is extremely nice, it is very clean.


    floors need to be repainted