Mason Mill Dog Park

1400 Mcconnell Drive
Atlanta, GA 30033

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Nice experience, Nice size and location

    by: Alitheboxer

    It was my first time visiting a dog park and both me and my dog enjoyed it. I was worried about not being able to watch my puppy but he was always visible. I didn't worry about him getting away. I did however wish they had grass in the dog park. Other parents were very friendly.


    close to home, easy to watch, nice benches


    no grass

  • 2. Pretty good park

    by: kmcneele

    If I trusted my dogs not to run away and be distracted by all of the scents in this park, I would bring them here all of the time...My dogs love this park! They love to run up and down the hills and especially love the rare opportunity to play in the water. The people I have met there are nice and seem to be responsible pet parents. One thing to remember is to bring something to wipe your dog off--mine are usually filthy by the time they are done playing. Also, it is a pretty big park with different trails which I like, but the fences are not secure. I have seen many spots where the fences are missing or have holes in the them or where gates have been left open (there is more than one entry point). As a result, I have had to stop bringing my dogs here even though the atmosphere (streams, hills, shade, walking paths, stuff to sniff, etc.) for them is better than any other dog park I have been to in Atlanta. My beagles get too caught up in the smells and other animals to listen to me when I call them, so I was always a nervous wreck when I brought them here. If the fence ever got fixed (or I could figure out how to get my dogs to behave), I would definitely bring them here whenever I got a chance.


    Streams, hills, trees, shade


    Fence boundaries are not secure

  • 3. meh..

    by: Brodymylove89

    its always dingy and dirty when i go. smells bad. really small. but! guin actually plays there. she doesnt usually at parks. and the parents actually watch their dogs. which is great!


    my dog actually plays here.


    kinda gross.