Marymoor Park Off Leash Area

6046 West Lake
Redmond, WA 98052

User Reviews (5)

  • 1. Love Marymoor

    by: KJoannB

    I love taking my poodle to Marymoor. She is always meeting new friends there. I just wish they had a few smaller fenced areas for small dogs that arent so great off leash yet. My chipoo is a runner and we are trying to train him however there arent a lot of places close that have fenced areas to work on him in.


    large off leash area


    no smaller fenced areas

  • 2. My dog's favorite park.

    by: GreekFire

    Marymoor is always a treat for my dog. As soon as he gets off the leash he loves running as fast as he can across the fields, which he can do with seemingly complete freedom due to the huge area that Marymoor covers. The large turf doesn't really lend itself to cleanliness, unfortunately, and some owners won't clean up because of it's expansiveness. It's not a huge issue, though. In areas where owners usually tread, the place is clean, and it's not like the dogs really mind. Horton loves the variation of terrain, and will go shooting under bridges and over fields and streams. He loves every minute of it. Also, the variety lends itself to human-friendly hangouts, and the trip can turn into less of a dog errand and more of a family outing. Also, because of what Marymoor has to offer, you'll see a great variety of dogs and owners that you wouldn't normally see at other parks. Some may not like it because it may be easy to lose track of your dog in the brush, and a little nerve wracking because the enclosure lacks a gate which closes. However, as long as you have decent control over your puppy, you should be okay. Plus, once you get far enough away from the entrance, you won't have to worry too much--your dog will just want to play with everyone else inside. Hope this is helpful! I recommend it for anyone who wants to give their dog a real treat.


    huge territory, lots of variety in terrain, good environment for both family and dog


    a little dirty in some areas, can be easy to lose track of dog, not incredibly secure enclosure

  • 3. Huge dog park

    by: djg113

    Marymoor Park off-leash area is the largest dog park in Washington. Read all about it here:\n\n\nIt's a great park! Get your dog and go play!


    Huge, always lots of dogs



  • 4. Very popular

    by: thebillpayer

    I like many others, love this park. It can get busy with dogs and takes some getting use to the first few visits. The majority of visitors are responsible for their pets in all manners. The park does a good job keeping it tidy.


    Great location


    Can get crazy

  • 5. I love this place!

    by: cwualexa

    I love this park. This is personally where I would always bring my dog. It's a great environment which is kept up in cleanliness and upgrades. There is a little river that those swimmer dogs can run and play in, and there is always tons of other dogs for your canine to meet!


    large open area with trails, etc