Mary ann morris animal society inc.

254 slow pitch road
Bamberg, SC 29003
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  • 1. Animal Angels

    by: dukeofelvis

    Everyone at M.A.M.A.s Shelter does an amazing job with the less than shoe-string budget that they are provided with. We can only imagine today the miracles that would happen more often if they were given adequate facilities and a decent operating budget. Without these kind people these furbabies would not even stand a chance at the life they deserve. The warm hearts, the love and care that they give each and every animal there goes above and beyond what you usually see at an animal shelter and our gratitude goes out to them. They are the most awesome people that do an amazing job with very limited resources. This is what they do as a labor of love and it shows in each furbaby that they are able to save.


    They love all the animals


    They need more City/Town-County-State-Country Funding!!!!!