Marsh Hospital For Animals

299 Bloomfield Ave
Verona, NJ 07044

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. We love our Vet!

    by: elninobearmom

    The staff at this office is fabulous, from the receptionist to the techs to the vets! They responded to an urgent situation with my 11 year old shih tzu promptly, professionally and with respect for both us humans and our dog. He was in surgery within 24 hours and connected with a specialist to receive cutting edge treatment as soon as he was sufficiently recovered to receive it. I really trust them!


    Extremely knowledgeable


    One favorite Vet just left

  • 2. Vets You Can Depend On

    by: stevejazzelnino

    If your looking for Vets who are concerned, careful and knowledgable, this is the place to go. Marsh Vets are very professional and I'm always confident in the treatments they recommend. We've been through alot with them from GI problems, to allergies, to deer ticks, to cancer, and the bottom line is that all three of our dogs are healthy.


    Trustworthy, Knowledgable, Great Staff


    Not Exactly Into Alternative Medicine

  • 3. Love Dr. Kim

    by: KMP50

    My cat likes the assistants, and is relaxed in the exam room. However, dogs and cats are often waiting together and my cat is a bit panicky with a big dog in the room. The fee for neutering my kitten was very high and they kept her overnight, which boosted the fees. Not that my kitty wasn't worth it, but it was a big bill. Dr. Kimberly Taggart is the favorite of people who have cats that I have talked to. She was on maternity leave last year when my cat had her exam and shots and the other vet, Dr. Milwicki, was very nice and my cat did not get upset by him. Another plus for us is that they are very close and we can walk there if neccessary, which is a good thing when there's no car in the drive.


    Very nice staff, vet takes time with you and your pet.


    Won't let you go back with pet before surgery, very expensive for neutering