Marion-grant county humane society

2768 west avon avenue
Marion, IN 46953
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. New building is fantastic.

    by: peanutbaby10

    The move to the new larger building couldn't have come at a better time. With the falling economy, people just can't care for thier animal like they should. Over population is always an issue for any shelter, but this move proved to help very much. More ground for the animals to tour, and larger kennels. People just need to get more involved and volunteer thier time.


    Larger environments


    Not enough people working

  • 2. Caring People

    by: gseacott

    They are really trying to do a good job with what they have to work with. The community needs to get more involved by spaying and nuetering their pets to control the overpopulation of animals. The pet adoption pages in the local newspaper is a great thing to help find homes. They are doing a good job here!


    Animals have room to move about in clean space


    Need to have more resources for supplies needed

  • 3. Doing their best....

    by: skydancer

    \n I am so happy that they are moving into a new, much bigger home. And it is so close to where i live that i might be able to volunteer a couple of times a week.\n The staff is very friendly and helpful. They go out into the community to ask people to donate or volunteer time. Pennies for Puppies is nice. The director of the humane society lived in a cage for a month showing what it would be life if we had to live in cages too. \n About 18 months ago, i had a beautiful golden retriever that i only had for about 6 weeks. He was very old when i got him. On a sunday morning, i had to call them out to take care of him. He could no longer walk. They came right over and took him back to the shelter where he was humanely euthanized. Although i loved him for the short time he lived with us, euthanasia was the only answer for him. They were very compassionate.


    Very caring staff


    Not big enough...