Maricopa county animal care & control

2323 south 35th avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85009
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User Reviews (6)

  • 1. pound

    by: nadine2008

    I know that if they had the resources and money they would help any and every dog that came through the doors


    they are trying hard to help the animals .they need more help


    there resources and help is so limited.

  • 2. There are very friendly

    by: rnnsosa

    They are very nice i took my dog for vaccinations and they were friendly and helped me w/ everything. The thing I dont' like about the place is that they are a kill shelter..




    Kill Shelter

  • 3. They're Trying!

    by: lnestor

    This shelter deserves a makeover so much! They've been using the same facility since I moved to Phoenix in 1972, and probably before that. I know they're trying to keep it clean & keep the animals happy, but they're overwhelmed by the number of animals they receive. It would sure be nice for them to have a better facility for the animals to stay in.


    They genuinely try to care for & place the animals in their care.


    Older facility w/ kennels that are too small.

  • 4. Caring staff and volunteers

    by: babyfishmouth

    Maricopa County Animal Control does the best they can with the amount of space they have. The staff is very dedicated to the animals. They offer many proactive programs which help prevent problems before they occur. For example, they have low cost spay/neuter and education programs.


    The staff is dedicated to the animals


    Way to small for the amount of animals turned in

  • 5. Arizona Shelter...

    by: jesslyn714

    I have a ton of support for Animal Care and Control. Their job is tough, and they continue to rescue neglected, abused and homeless animals. However, a lot of these animals have a very hard time being adopted. It is really really sad to come here and see these animals. I always want to take them all home with me! There is not enough needed space for these animals and services.


    They take care of animals.


    Not big enough to hold them all.

  • 6. Adopted Twice!

    by: tkaz

    For a county shelter, MCACC is, by far, one of the best I've ever visited. The staff is very friendly, and the selection of pets is incredible.\r\n\r\nI've adopted two dogs from MCACC, and both have been wonderful. Sure, they have some "problems" from having been in the shelter (separation anxiety, socialization problems), but nothing that can't be worked on.\r\n\r\nThe cost of adoptions is great. I've referred many friends there when they have considered buying a pet, and all but a couple adopted at MCACC!\r\n\r\nI especially appreciate that, contrary to public perception, MCACC has changed over the years to a "no-kill" shelter. They seem to even give animals a better chance (IMO) than AZ Humane Society.


    great selection of pets


    a little run-down