Maplewood veterinary and animal hospital

25 12th ave south
Pelican rapids, MN 56579

User Reviews (6)

  • 1. positive feedback

    by: monicap

    I have heard nothing but wonderful, positive comments from anyone who has used this facility. From pricing, to caring, compassionate staff. I need to relocate!!!


    caring staff


    to far from home

  • 2. A great place to work!

    by: ToniTech

    Great place to work. My co-workers are like my second family. I love my job so it's nice going to work. We try our best to treat all our clients and patients like we would want to be treated. Dr. Mike is a great boss and an exceptional veterinarian. I sometimes call him "the miracle worker". Prices are very reasonable. Come visit us in the beautiful little town of Pelican Rapids.


    Great co-workers, great boss, spacious building.


    Can be a waiting period for some surgeries.

  • 3. Helped me in a terrifying emergancy situation.

    by: WandaLou

    I had a cat that was still somewhat a kitten & she ended up pregnant. Well, I came home one day & she had her litter, but her unbilicle cord was tangled around 2 of the kittens of the 5. Frantically me & my daughter got them to the vet & as soon as they seen us we got imidiate help. One was already dead. The other one died later after we got home with it. That was such a terrible thing to go through. It is still hard for me. I am crying as I am writing this. Mittens the mom is still around & as healthy as any cat. Thanks again.


    My experiences were great.


    I don't have any really.

  • 4. The best service around by people who really care about animals

    by: Watsrname

    My family had to put our dog to sleep last week, and we took her to Maplewood Vet clinic. The staff there is so kind and considerate, and they really care about you and your pet. You're just not a number at their clinic.


    The best clinic in our area


    Absolutely none

  • 5. Great Clinic

    by: gadams38

    My sister-in-law had taken her cat to a local vet twice for the same problem and seemed to be getting nowhere, so a friend recommended Maplewood Vet clinic. I took Rosie in for my Sister-in-Law since she could not get the day off work, and in needless to say, she got the proper diagnosis and treatment and was feeling much better that very has been 2 1/2 weeks and Rosie is all better....Thanks to Mike and Toni !


    Friendly staff, professional, affordable


    Longer wait to get in

  • 6. Quality service at an affordable price

    by: KR69

    this is the only veterinary clinic we use. The staff is thoughtful, experienced and professional. You don't have to sell the farm to be able to afford their prices. Have had several cats spayed or neutered at their clinic. Anyone can afford $40 for a cat neuter or $75 for a cat spay. However, since their prices are so affordable, it might take a few months to get in for an appointment.


    Excellent service at an affordable price


    might have to wait a couple months to get your pet spayed/neutered