Maplecrest Animal Hospital

1214 N Main St
Goshen, IN 46526

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  • 1. sbutler1976

    by: sbutler1976

    I have taken all my animals there for years. I have never had a hard time getting appointments. I do receive a multi-animal 15% discount when I take them all in at the same time. Dr. Jeff is knowledgable and doesn't rush through the exams like some vets do. I always have alot of questions to ask. He takes his time explaining everything. My cat Max had formed crystals and had to have surgery to remove them. Dr. Coon did the surgery. She called and let me know how he was doing before and after the surgery. She kept me up to date on his progress. I was a mess with worry over my baby. I even cried on the phone talking to Dr. Coon. She was so caring and wonderful. Max recovered well and since then we have not had any problems with crystals. Dr. Coon recommended the special food and it definately helps and is preventing any more crystals from forming. This office is on my speed dial if I ever need them. They also have an emergency set up if you ever need it. I have that number in my speed dial as well. They board animals but it is not of course their main specialty. They are vets. My rottie thinks it is fun to go to the vets because there is more people to pet her and scratch her butt. More attention more love. She loves going!


    Trusted vets that have been there for a long time.


    The boarding area is hot in the summer.