Manilow's Canine Playground

391 Harvard St.
Leominster, MA 01453

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. My dog loved it

    by: springinspaniels

    My dog loved going here. She would play all day with the other dogs. I haven't brought her for a while but might consider now that they have 1/2 days. She really enjoyed it and came home tired. It is a little expensive which is why she hasn't been back recently.


    Bring home a tired dog


    a little expensive

  • 2. Great outlet for energetic dogs!

    by: tasmin

    You've got to love any place that can make a crazy energetic lab come home and fall asleep at the end of the day! But Manilow's does more than wear out your dog, they really care for them well. Barbara, the incredibly caring owner, goes so far as to track what dogs are "friends" with yours and what dogs don't get along so well. The outdoor fenced-in area is separated into a number of sections so dogs can be separated by size, temperment, and energy level. There's even a pool in the summer! My dog loves coming here, and I'm thrilled to have this resource in our area.


    Truly caring staff, individualized attention



  • 3. Great Place, great care

    by: sallee06

    I have been taking my dog Rylee there since she was 12 weeks old. SHe was a shy puppy afraid of a lot of things. She loved it there. Once she was inside and her collar off she would race off to the back door to get outside with everybody else. She would never look back. When I would go pick her up she would be happy and tired. She would lay down in the car and I won't see her head again until we got home. A tired dog is a happy dog! It is a great place for socializing your dog. THe staff there is very knowledgable and very responisble. They pay attention to the individual dogs, keeping track of what dogs get a long and what dogs do not. They try and place the dogs in groups of equal size, personality, and energy level. I have no complaint only praise for this company. \r\n


    Safe place for the dogs to play and socialize