Magrane Pet Medical Center

3945 Edison Lakes Parkway
Mishawaka, IN 46545

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  • 1. MaGrane Vet center

    by: deathgutsbloodgo

    When our oldest shih tzu was a puppy he got parvo :( We took him to Magrane's.. and the service couldn't have been better. We were incredibly worried, and the staff were compassionate and caring. Oscar was so sick that the vet, Dr Neiman, took oscar home and nursed him through the night, and then gave Oscar a blood transfusion from one of his own dogs. We couldn't believe how kind and determined they were. Later on Oscar fell off the porch and tore his ACL. We took him in and the doctors quickly cared for him, and did an AMAZING acl replacement surgery on him. He is 100% better and healed so well. It means so much to have such intelligent doctors working for pets that are part of your family. Also, Just recently my cat Kurt became very ill. We didn't know what was wrong with him, but the doctors did as many tests as they could, took x-rays, gave him medication.. cared SO much. yes this is what doctors should do, but its heartwarming to see it done with such kindness and care. Kurt ended up having pneumonia, and was treated quickly. They have a special exam room just for cats!! They said kurt was one of the nicest cats they've ever treated. It means a lot for someone to care for a seriously Ill cat who is over 10 years old and not just suggest putting him down. This place gets 200 out of 10 stars in my book. I would recommend to EVERYONE i know.. and i have! check them out!


    Incrediably caring compassionate, knowledgable


    no cavy specialists