Madison oglethorpe animal shelter

1888 colbert danielsville road
Danielsville, GA 30633
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User Reviews (11)

  • 1. Friendly Staff, Healthy Animals

    by: opalking

    MOAS is a great shelter. Not only does the staff take excellent care of the animals, but they are willing to help you find the right one to adopt. The animals are well fed and stay medicated and vaccinated. There are also many pets with good tempers that would be suitable for a family with children. It is definitely a great place to adopt a cat or dog.


    clean, friendly, plenty of friendly adoption choices


    not enough space for more surrendered animals

  • 2. Such a great place

    by: chokingonstatic

    This is a great shelter. I live really close the shelter and have taken many of my cats to be spayed. They did a great job and were very friendly. I try to donate whenever possible to help this shelter out :)


    nice friendly staff, helpful, convenient


    none that I can think of

  • 3. Great Place to Adopt

    by: scarlettbeach

    MOAS is a great place to go to find a pet that will best suit your lifestyle and preferences. The staff is genuinely interested in finding a home for their animals and helping those who are visiting. I volunteer with them regularly and have enjoyed being around people who love animals like I do. The shelter does its best to ensure that facilities are safe and clean. You can be sure that you will be happy with the service that you receive and with your adopted family member if you choose to find your pet here. It's the best animal shelter there is!


    genuine care from the staff, competent and helpful


    lack of space and resources

  • 4. Great place to find your forever friend

    by: rosesheart

    I have adopted 3 dogs and 5 cats from them- they are all such wonderful pets-I highly recommend this shelter- they have so many animals that need homes


    nice people and reasonable adoption fee



  • 5. Really need support

    by: mollyaz

    We almost lost MOAS, they are a great shelter with caring people, but they don't get enough support. In a rural area of Georgia their shelter is a needed part of the community.\n\nsupport MAOS!


    great staff


    not enough support

  • 6. Tiggers are people, too!

    by: meowwoofma

    Thank you Cat and everyone for my purrfect furever friend (pff) TiggerMurphy!!


    My TiggerMurphy came from MOAS


    I couldn't adopt them all.

  • 7. Fantastic bright and welcoming shelter!

    by: staci

    MOAS is a fantastic shelter with a very dedicated staff that cares about finding every animal a home. This shelter is newer than many in our area, and has a large capacity. It is a great place to find a new furry friend! They also have excellent policies, and spay and neuter all animals before they are adopted, as well as provide low cost spay/neuter services to the community. This shelter is great about pursuing programs like foster homes and mobile adoption events, to increase adoption rates.


    Large capacity, very outgoing staff, great friendly animals, spay neuter clinic on site.


    you have to drive a little ways to find this place!

  • 8. nice shelter

    by: boobear

    This is a nice huge shelter, they are very animal friendly and do a good job


    big shelter



  • 9. Great, clean shelter!

    by: lmw84

    Nice shelter with lots of upgrades. Very clean. Friendly staff. They have a ton of animals to choose from. Great place to adopt a pet.


    Clean. Friendly staff. Lots of adoptables.


    None seen.

  • 10. MOAS gave me my babies!

    by: lizajayne

    Two of our three dogs hail from MOAS, and my mom and sister have adopted from there. Their staff is friendly for the most part(though there is one lady who is very UNfriendly)We frequent the shelter just to see all the adorable animals, even if we can't take them all home. The shelter is very clean and spacious (especially in comparison to other local shelters) and even though it is located 12 or so miles out of Athens,if you are looking to adopt they have so many animals you're bound to fall in love with one!!


    Huge facility,fair prices on adoptions


    Out of town

  • 11. MOAS

    by: MOAS

    The Madison Oglethorpe Animal Shelter is very spacious and clean and has a knowledgeable staff who is there to support your needs, whether it be pet adoption, spaying or neutering your pet, or even offering creamation services for your beloved friend.


    Very Spacious and Clean


    In a rural area