Madison county humane society

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Anderson, IN 46015
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User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Helping

    by: salyons

    I have not adopted an animal from MCHS but I would if I could afford another doggie. The staff is very nice. I have donated items in the past to help. They can always use donations. It's best to adopt than give your money to a breeder. Older anamial need homes too....


    They help animals get homes



  • 2. Wonderful People & Pets-To-Be

    by: GreenElm

    We adopted our Obi from the Madison County Humane Society on 11/20/07. I met Obi, then three months old, on 11/19/07 and really fell in love with her then, but before her adoption I e-mailed various staff members to learn more about her (our oldest child is Autistic and has Cerebral Palsy, so we were looking for the right personality to blend with our family). I received responses to my questions within two hours of sending them! We were able to bring our children to meet Obi for an encounter session the next day. Obi found our Forever Home in us, and we found our furriest family member in her. The staff were wonderful, and Obi (originally named "Orbit," but our youngest could not say that and our oldest called her "Obi" from the start) is fondly remembered by them. Their efforts to assist all of us with our exceptional needs led to a purr-fect match!


    Caring, knowledgable staff and healthy, well-handled animals.


    Too small to house all of the animals seeking a Forever Home

  • 3. This Shelter Cares!

    by: lmanderson

    I'm both a volunteer & Board member. We have underpaid, dedicated staff & never enough money, volunteers or time. Our shelter is woefully outdated & too small for the numbers we take in, but it's clean, the animals healthy & you'll never find a more caring environment. \nEvery animal is altered while we shelter it. It receives vaccines, preventatives, & vet care, if needed. \n\nPotential adoptees are checked, too, before they can adopt--we don't let our animals go to just anyone who pays up. Our Adoption Coordinator ensures our "kids" are getting responsible parents.\n \nMadison County Humane Society is a great place!


    Healthy, Altered Animals


    Need a Larger Facility

  • 4. MCHS Review

    by: RhondaEstes

    This shelter represents what I feel is true love and compassion for the animals. It is clean with healthy, spay/neutered pets for adoption. If a pet is deemed sick, adoptions are put on hold until the pet is healthy. All pets are spay/neutered, vaccinated and tested prior to adoption.


    A no-kill clean shelter where animals are loved and cared for.


    Space limits the number of animals that they take in