Macomb county animal shelter

21417 dunham
Clinton township, MI 48036
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  • 1. Give it a try!!!! Go look there at least!

    by: Beckala118

    Ok, I know this shelter does not have the best reputation. But if you are looking for a pet, they get plently! So dont disreguard a possible new family member because you dont like the facility! This shelter got over 4,000 dogs last year and over 5,000 cats (thats not including the large number of rabbits they get too). They are trying new things to get these pets home rather than opting for euthanasia, but the rates are still high, with that many animals coming through a year they would need the silverdome to house them. They are adding pets to and have their own site promoting adoptable pets. So lets not single them out for adoptable pets, lets help them out to increase their number of adopted pets! Oh, they also work with local colleges for the veterinary technician programs to help get the pets up to date on vaccines and fixed before finding homes.


    they are trying to turn around


    not the best reputation