Lyne Animal Hospitals

3530 S. Courthouse Road
Richmond, VA 23236

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  • 1. Lyne Animal may or may not be what you are looking for

    by: amyfields417

    While Lyne Animal Hospital is nice if you have a cat or dog, I was drawn there for exotic animal purposes. I have rabbits. When I first went I was really impressed with the great staff and vets. But as I have been going steadily for over a year, some not so great changes have happened. For one, customer service has gone way downhill. More than once I have called and have been given the brushoff or a curt reply. The staff seems also to have shifted. I know have more problems trying to get my rabbits in where I once had an abundance of time choices. While the place is clean and the staff is great with cats and dogs, I a rabbit owner, am left with the tail end of the deal and am now in the process of finding at least a back-up vet. So if you have a cat or dog, this is a great place. If you have an exotic pet, you may want to look elsewhere or have a good back-up in case of emergency.


    They have a rabbit vet


    It is hard to get the rabbit vet if you need an appointment ASAP