Luv Dogs

2416 S. 34th Street
Kansas City, KS 66106

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  • 1. Caring groomer & trainer

    by: ksbt

    Bev is not only a groomer but a trainer of dogs. She has a beautiful way with dogs that they respond to her. I've taken my 16 year old dog to her since she was a puppy. I was told to use her training services when my dog was young by a vet. I was very impressed with her training of the dog and me! My old dog now is very hard to groom and Bev does a wonderful job. she doesn't want to stress my old dog any so gets her in and out ASAP. Bev has moved to KCK which is quite a distance from my home but well worth my drive. Wouldn't take Mattie (my dog) to anyone else.


    has a knack with dogs