Luv a paw

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Wautoma, WI 54982

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Love my New puppy!

    by: wiscogrl Go to this link to read about the puppy I got and my review


    Good Information Good Price Friendly



  • 2. Great puppy

    by: suny545

    We got our new puppy from this rescue, and he is great. His health is perfect and the lady was very informative about any problem puppys commonly have.


    good information



  • 3. Sold a sick animal

    by: deniseheifort

    I went and met my pit bull pup at the shelter. Kali seemed like she was OK. The day I brought her home she had bloody stool and would not eat. I had a vet appointment already set up for the dog. She has an infection in her intestines and roundworm. I now have to deworm all of my cats. I have tried to contact the shelter 2 times in the past week with no response whatsoever. If you are going to use this shelter to find your next dog - beware! You might end up bringing home a sick animal who will need immediate care. I understand that roundworm is very common and probably hard to get rid of in the environment Kali was in, but I did not invest $200 to bring home a dog that would cost another $300 within the first week of owning her. I am very disappointed.


    Noble effort on their part


    Dishonesty from the shelter.