Lucy's Doggy Day Care And Spa

2250 Thousand Oaks
San Antonio, TX 78232

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    by: orhr

    I attempted to board my dogs at Lucy's for a weekend when I was was going out of town. When I arrived, I noticed that a group of dogs were playing in the dog park so I stopped to watch. There was one staff member in the park with about 15-20 dogs, if there was a fight, it would be next to impossible to stop. Then, I noticed that they had a teeter (the agility obstacle), and some of the dogs were climbing on it. This is beyond unsafe, experienced agility dogs have been badly injured on a teeter. What if another dog had run under it as it was coming down? He could be killed. I was shocked, expecially when I saw that the dogs playing were of mixed heights. There were labs playing with toy poodles. I realize that not all big dogs are aggressive, but some don't know their own strength and can hurt a little dog. When I brought this to the attention of a staff member inside, she just shrugged her shoulders and walked away. That did it for me, I would never board my dogs there.


    Very clean


    Unsafe dogpark, staff don't seem like they want to help