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4401 mark dabling blvd.
Colorado springs, CO 80907
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  • 1. Lucky dog going to Lucky Dog!

    by: flowerfunleah

    We looked at another Doggy Daycare but the woman who owned and ran that daycare kept the dogs in kennels a lot of the time and wasn't very friendly at all in any way and that's when my sister in law reccomended Lucky Dog! Our puppy has been happy since the first day she started there and every day after that. The staff at Lucky Dog always has a friendly greeting for Daisy and always remembers her name which I think makes her feel welcomed and ready to play. One of the things we like most about Lucky Dog is that they have webcams set up for a live feed all day so whenever I feel like checking in on Daisy and I can just hop online and take a look to see what she's doing. She's never bored and always looks happy. We also like that they take periodic breaks so that the dogs can have a rest from playing and regroup. The staff at Lucky Dog doesnt ever pay particular attention to one dog and mostly supervise the dogs playing without showing favortism which is something we worried about when taking Daisy to daycare but now we dont worry about it at all! The only thing we dont find particularly attractive about Lucky Dog is that the dogs go potty on the floor when need be and the Lucky Dog staff is quick to notice and clean up the mess within seconds but if you're potty training your dog that cant be condusive to potty training. Luckily Daisy IS potty trained but for the dog that isn't I'd ask them about it. All in all Lucky Dog is FANTASTIC and I reccomend it to everyone I know thinking of taking their dog to daycare.


    Knowledgeable Staff, Loving Staff, Webcams, Happy Dogs all the time, fun pet supplies!


    Dogs going potty indoors.