Love N Care

104 Laura Hill Rd
Saint Peters, MO

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  • 1. the opposite of its name

    by: rhancock

    This groomer doubles as a breeder. We got one of our dogs from this breeder about ten years ago, and it was one of the filthiest places we had ever seen. The owner greeted us in an undershirt and looked very dirty. The dogs were kept in wirebottom cages that had feces dripping down and roaches crawling all over. This breeder is gaining a reputation around where I live for puppies that grow into dogs with severe temperment problems and health problems. Some of these include: biting when unprovoked, renal failure at a young age, and stomach problems. A neighbor of ours actually had to have their love'n'care dog put to sleep after it bit family members numerous times for no reason. The breeder had absolutely no knowledge of the temperment of the dogs he bred--he told us the puppy we got was calm, didn't bark much, and got along well with other animals. he seemed calm enough in the cage, but the subsequent ten years have proved that the breeder was either lying or didn't know what he was talking about. he is extremely dominant and crabby (snapping at us with little provocation), and barks incessantly. We have worked with him with numerous behaviorists and nothing has helped. We love him anyway, and felt that we needed to get him out of the place, but if anything were to happen to him he would probably be deemed unadoptable at any shelter. We werein such a hurry to get him out of there that we had no experience with the grooming portion of the business, but any person that keeps puppies in roach infested, feces ridden quarters must not care very much about animals.


    designer breed dogs, if thats what you care about


    everything else.