Louisville Community Park Dog Park

955 Bella Vista Drive Louisville
Boulder, CO

User Reviews (5)

  • 1. Great Park

    by: jennyung

    Buddy loves it here (anywhere really). I like this park because there is some grass and a lake. Buddy doesn't know how to swim, but the lake is small enough not to scare him, and big enough to allow several dogs in it. Love this park!


    Big area, lake


    not a lot of parking

  • 2. nice

    by: usumi

    I like this park when the regular people are there- people who understand how dogs play. I like it when dogs wrestle and play fight and when they have a chance to figure out if they can dominate another dog. It's fun for the dogs, gives them good exercise and gives them a chance to really be dogs.


    dog park



  • 3. not as big as some others

    by: DakotaDakota

    it's in an area that makes it impossible to expand it and it's kind of small. Better for smaller or slower dogs.




    could be bigger

  • 4. Has actual grass

    by: Ogre

    Most dog parks I go to don't have grass. this does. What a novelty. The dogs don't care though- they just want to go play and party and wrestle and run.....





  • 5. I think this is my favorite

    by: mindylove79

    If this is the one I am thinking of that has the nice little lake and is fenced in next to the playground and RC track right next to it in the big park, this is my all time favorite dog park! The people here are caring dog owners, there has never been a fight that I have seen, and the dogs are extremely friendly. i just wish I lived closer, but when I happen to be up that way, since I have the dogs with me 95% of the time whenever I go anywhere, I always stop by that dog park. My dogs love it.


    fun for the whole family


    too far away