Lost pet, inc.- humane society of bergen county

221 stuyvesant avenue
Lyndhurst, NJ 70710
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  • 1. Humane Society? More like pet store.

    by: croft

    Now, things may have changed in the past 7 years out in Lyndhurst, but I had a bad experience out here. A co-worker of mine went to adopt a kitten, filled out paperwork, and had to go home to get a letter from her landlord. My co-worker looked a bit young for her age, but was in fact a 40 year old woman with teenagers at home. She got the letter from her landlord, but the lady in Lyndhurst decided to tell us that the kitten was no longer available merely because my co-worker refused to purchase a carrier (I lent her mine) or food from this "humane society." \n\nAfter a few phone calls, the lady proceeded to tell us over the phone that her cream of the crop rescue kittens only eat Eukanuba kitten food and Iams wet food and that it must be purchased along with the cat. Needless to say, we took a trip to the then Johnston Ave SPCA in Jersey City, and she went home with a beautiful kitten that day with no pressure whatsoever other than to get the kitten neutered ASAP.\n\nA few months later another co-worker of mine visited this place and adopted a cat. She was conned into buying the food, carrier, collars, litter, and all sorts of stuff she already had for her cat at home just to get this lady to leave her alone and let her take the cat home. Good grief!


    Very comfortable place, no-kill, animals uncaged


    Worse than car salesmen!