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    by: dustincarter19

    I recently became a patient of Dr. Donofro and cannot tell you how happy I am. I visited her because my dog was having a peculiar skin problem that was not going away. Dr. Donofro spent an hour and a half examining my dog and going over all the possibilities with me. I can't tell you how much I appreciated the time and care the Dr. gave me. My dog which had seen two other vets in town had no relief to his symptoms until we visited Los Robles. Dr. Donofro put him on an antibiotic and steroid regimen and he was cleared up in a week! We go back for our follow up appointment at the end of this week. My dog doesn't scratch constantly anymore and I can tell feels a tremendous amount better. \n\nI also recently switched my dog to a home prepaired diet and Dr. Donofro is open to this. She just has concerns about making sure it is done correctly however she in no way has tried to force me to switch do a commercial diet. She does not support RAW or BARD diets however she is open to speaking with individuals about home cooked diets. Her approach when I spoke with her about this situation is another reason I have fallen in love with Los Robles. She was very open and willing to discuss the situation. She in no way took the stance that she knew everything about the subject and was interested to hear what I had learned in my own research. This is one of the best qualities I feel a Dr. can have; listening to their patients!\n\nI could go on and on about how much I have fallen in love but I do not have enough time or space. I would highly recommend Dr. Donofro for all your vet needs!




    Can't think of one!

  • 2. Dr Donofro is great

    by: cmdemeo

    I worked for Dr. Donofro years ago and she is wonderful. She is a very caring and talented vet and person. They believe in a holistic approach to medicine and are very compassionate and understanding. If your animal has odd symptoms that no one seems to be able to diagnose she is a great vet to use. She will work tirelessly to find answers for you and is willing to try new and less conventional treatments for ailments. The clinic is small and at times hard to get to.


    Believe in a holistic approach to medicine


    small clinic