Long Lake Animal Hospital

5044 John R Road
Troy, MI 48085

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. most affordable pet care around

    by: marenned

    Dr. Havas is awsome and has had this practice for years. You may wait a long time to be called in because he doens't turn down emergency visits and has a big heart. The prices can't be beat, and many of the shelters use him. If you have a traumatic situation and need extensive TLC, you might feel like they are too busy for you. But if you own many pets this is about the only way to afford them!


    great price for regular care, shots and health maintainance


    really busy place

  • 2. Long Lake Animal Hospital- Troy, MI

    by: landers76

    I used this vet for the first few years of having pets. It is so affordable! The owner has operated the hospital from the beginning and has been open for so long (and I mean so long!) that he does it becuase it is what he loves to do and isn't trying to make a buck on anyone. Just loves to take care of our furry friends.


    Very affordable


    old facility

  • 3. Busy Vet Office

    by: maryannrohrabaugh

    I really love this vet. The have one full time vet in the office the whole time they are open. Since the prices are so cheap they get very busy so there may be a long wait. The vet is very good at what he does. Sometimes when he is busy he doesn't give me as much detail as I would like but I just ask the questions that i have since i am paying him. Even though the slight cons I love this vet. I have gone to other vets and they are so much more expensive and I don't feel like the people know what they are doing.


    Prices are very reasonable


    Appointments are hard to get and you may wait a long time