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Renfrew, PA 16053
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. never again

    by: BobBobbobbob

    Have been a customer of this clinic for 20 years took our dog in because he was throwing up. Staff called my wife and told her the dog had cancer and had to be put to sleep. When she arrived the staff made this poor distraught woman try to write out a check before she could even see her poor dog all she could do was sign her name and give them a blank check. have talked to other people in this situation and other vets will send a bill to a regular customer like us a couple of weeks later. This will be our last dealing with this heartless S.O.B. and his staff we will find another vet for our other dog . Lombardo is just in it to get your money!




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  • 2. Dr. Lombardo

    by: hooch12

    you will find no better place to take your animals than here I love these people they are the most caring people I know they put their heart and soul into their work I had a German Sherphard who meant the world to me and I think he meant just as much to them beleive me when I say that they did every thing they could to save him his name was hooch. hooch won everybody's heart but I have never seen any vet or his crew for that matter go out of their way to give so much undivided attention to an animal as they did hooch and they had done so since had been a puppy before he got ill and I had lost him at the young age of 7 july 5th 2007 @ 7pm.\r\nit was losing a child in our house he was a very special Shephard believe me when I say that . but a week or so later we had received a sympathy card in the mail how many people can say that about their veterinarian's ?


    you will never have anyone been more caring than Dr.lombardo and his crew


    there are no cons here

  • 3. A Place your animal will BEG for!!!

    by: karla

    I have been taking my dog, Pepe, to see Dr. Lombardo since he was a puppy. The Dotor and staff are super. There aren't enough good things I can say. This past summer Pepe got really sick, and we found out he had an obstruction in his intestine. He wouldn't eat or go to the bathroom. Dr. Lombardo feared it was surgery time for Pepe, but he made sure to use it only if necessary. Pepe stayed 3-4 days, and Dr. Lombardo went in after hours to check on him and try to get him to eat. Through his endless efforts he worked out the obstruction, and thank goodness avoided the surgery. I really appreciate the fact that he spent extra time to try to avoid cutting my precious chihuahau open. There are too many doctors who jump the gun on operations.


    Too many to list in this short space!


    Maybe the cost, but I'm sure it's the same as anywhere!