Lollypop farm, the humane society of greater rochester

99 victor road
Fairport, NY 14450
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User Reviews (8)

  • 1. love this place

    by: Jai

    I got my first dog from Lollypop. Love this place!




    unfortunately it's still not a forever home

  • 2. memories

    by: ChestersFan

    I loved Lollypop growing up. I remember the lama used to come after my cone of critter food & I'd just throw it too him & run. I can't visit as an adult -- unless of course I'm in a position to adopt again. The cats just break my heart.


    they make a real difference for homeless pets


    still too many kitties / not enough people willing to adopt

  • 3. Excellent!

    by: cjbtbone

    We've had four dogs in the past 21 years, and two of them have come from lollypop. One of the dogs we have now, Maggie, is 10, and we got her at the 1998 Barktober fest. She is an absolute sweet girl and we couldn't be happier. Lollypop does a great service for the animals!


    very knowledgeable



  • 4. Lollypop Farm is a great place

    by: oneangel

    Although we didnt have much luck with the puppy we got from there, it wasnt there fault. I guess we just werent ready. I think a lot of animals would be put down if it wasnt for them.


    great place for animals


    not so great at matching animals to humans

  • 5. Very understanding

    by: lovesdobermans

    Take alot of information to insure that they can find the perfect match to go with the animal in question. Had to take a dog there that could not get to be accepted by my dogs after it was a left behind when someone moved out of state. They said we could take it back if they did not find it a home so we could keep trying to get it to fit in.


    take very detailed information to make sure they find a perfect fit for the animal in question


    Mainly kept in cages for long periods of time

  • 6. Wonderful PLace

    by: hkdlover

    Nothing more to say than what is above. You have to see it to believe what a great place it is.\r\n


    Wonderful facility and staff


    This is a kill shelter

  • 7. All Kinds of Pets

    by: smapplebee

    Lollipop Farm has 133 acres devoted to farm animals, cats, dogs, birds, and small animals. We adopted Happy, a terrier - beagle mix that had been abused. We were able to purchase his bed, dishes, collar and leash right there. Lollipop Farm has an area where you can go in and pet the animals. Horses, pigs, chickens, geese, and ducks live out their life peacefully. Each year, they have a telethon. Stories of cats and dogs are aired along with animals that need homes. This shelter has numerous educational programs. As far as I am concerned, Lollipop Farm could be a model for other shelters. They even have group meetings for grieving pet owners. Lollipop Farm is the best.


    One Stop Pet ShoppingCannot Adopt Them All



  • 8. Great shelter!

    by: cvaiana

    I used to LOVE visiting Lollypop Farm growing up. They are very friendly and the facility is beautiful. Its obvious that the animals are well cared for. This is a great shelter and I highly recommend adopting from them if you are in the Rochester area.


    Recently remodeled


    Can't think of any!