Logan county humane society

550 sportsman club rd
Russellville, KY 42276
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User Reviews (6)

  • 1. New managment now a no kill

    by: ruckusluvr

    the logan county humane society is under new managment. since the switch they have been a no kill shelter since october. i do foster work for them. the shelter is very small, and ill equipt to handle so many dogs, but they do what they can!


    freindly staff, no kill


    small, cramped

  • 2. Logan County Shelter

    by: marla1970

    the shelter workers do the best they can with the limited resources that they have in this small shelter. It makes me sad that all pitt bull pups are put down and don't have a chance to be trained to be good dogs. They are penalized for their breed not their behavior. I'd change that, but otherwise I think they do good work.


    they try to help as many animals as possible


    all pitts are put down- no exceptions

  • 3. Small shelter need more local support

    by: taildragger76932

    I haven't been to this shelter in a couple of years but the last time I was there the people seemed very nice and caring and were trying hard to make the best of their situation for the betterment of the animals there. I hope they can get more support from the community in the future in hopes that they can get a new facility and more funding to save more animals.


    Friendly people who love animals


    The shelter is old and underfunded.

  • 4. Small shelter trying hard

    by: Hareball

    Delana works very hard trying to save as many animals as possible. I applaud her for doing what she does. \r\n\r\nThis shelter is VERY old, and VERY small. They are in dire need of the county to get them a new facility.


    They work hard


    Small - old facility

  • 5. Very Nice People

    by: debbieservantofjesus

    When my dog (my 11 year old Rottie ) got loose this winter, I was so torn up. After searhing the streets for many hours on a very cold February Morning we contacted the Humane Society to let them know that he was missing and that we were looking for him. Unfortunately for us the Police found him first. The dog catcher was called and my hubby who is a bus driver spotted them from his bus. The police were very polite and caring. I can't speak that much of the dog catcher. I was just horrified to hear of how they treated my dog. But when I called the Humane Society they ladies there were so kind and reassuring to me. They let me know that I could pick him up the next day, (yes there was a fine but I gladly paid it to have my "baby" back). When we picked him up the next day they let us know what a sweetheart my dog was (he always has been a ladies man). LOL They took very good care of someone that was very precious to me.\r\nI want to again thank all the workers at the Logan County Humane Society.They really are trying hard to make a difference in our community.


    Good Animal Care and Caring people


    The dog Catcher

  • 6. Trying Hard to Make a Difference

    by: deanawehr

    Logan co has come along way but still has a long way to go. Their shelter is small but Delana is working hard to save as many as possible thru adoption and rescue. Our shelter tries by helping find rescue and taking in a few dogs here and there when room is available. Delana is very easy to work w/ and is trying hard to save as many animals as possible.


    They Try hard


    small shelter, minimal staff