Lockhart animal shelter

214 bufkin lane)
Lockhart, TX 78644
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User Reviews (7)

  • 1. Spay & Nueter Your Pets!!

    by: silentvalleyhomes

    Spaying & Nuetering your furry children can help save an animals life.\r\n\r\nThe Silent Valley Community is used as a dumping ground for all types of animals, especially cats. \r\n\r\nSome are dropped off and some are left behind by owners that do not have their animals spayed, neutered or properly tagged. We have several dozen feral and tame cats that multiply every year. We trap a dozen or more a year to bring to the animal shelter in the hopes they can be adopted to good families.\r\n\r\nI am very pleased at how helpful the staff at the Lockhart Animal Shelter have been and how caring they are on what happens to these animals. I wish that they were able to have the room and facilities for all animals that are brought to them.


    Caring Staff


    Insufficent Housing for Animals-Not enough room for all.

  • 2. Help the Lockhart Animal Shelter please

    by: ptrck

    At the Lockhart Animal Shelter the staff are very friendly to the animals and to the upmost importance, they have outstanding personalities with the people in the community. The shelter on the other hand needs alot of work, probably more work than the staff and community can handle alone(being that it is an out dated outdoor facility).\r\nPlease help the Lockhart Animal Shelter, not only for the animals, but for the staff and everybody that donates their time and money to the facility.


    Full of friendly staff and loving animals


    Shelter is out of date and the animals are not secured away from bad weather

  • 3. Great place

    by: ebarkmeyer

    I love going to the shelter because the staff there is great, they are very knowledgeable on all the animals needs, they are very friendly and they help find the right animal for the right family! They are all around a great staff.


    The staff is loving towards every animal they have there


    the facilities are not big enough to hold all the animals

  • 4. animal welfare

    by: jitterbugger70

    The staff is awesome and very loving and care for each individual animal with loving care


    very knowledgable and caring staff


    obviously small budget

  • 5. Ancient, Outdated Shelter

    by: jeapend

    The staff at this shelter are very helpful and it is obvious that they care about the animals in their care. The shelter itself needs tremendous work.


    knowledgeable, caring staff


    ancient, outdated shelter

  • 6. Great shelter

    by: audreyhoke

    This is a great shelter the need its communitys help and there is alot of "animal dumping" please help out


    Gret shelter



  • 7. Animal dumping is ILLEGAL

    by: ilovethekitties

    There is very much "animal dumping" in this small county because of larger surrounding cities. I believe that most people who dump animals in rural areas are thinking that they will find a home in the country but most times this is not true and the animals are then trapped and brought to the shelter. By this time many are in poor health, pregnant or have even become unsocialized. Caldwell county is badly in need of grants to spay and neuter animals for FREE on a regular basis...especially the free roaming cats. \r\n


    This shelter tries very hard with the little help it receives!


    Actual facilities are badly in need of updating!