Livingston county dog control facility

3866 gypsy lane
Mt. morris, NY 14510

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Nice place for dogs with no home

    by: MaxxieBrown

    This is a relatively new facility and I when I went there to volunteer in was very impressed. The staff was very nice and knowledgeable. It is too bad that someone can't always be there.


    Was impressed with the volunteers


    this is not a no-kill place, no one there at night.

  • 2. must have changed

    by: Serendipity63

    I haven't visited this place lately, I see that it has a good review so I won't dispute that. Be careful here though as 10 years ago it was a very bad place and the officer that we dealt with was horrible. I hope that the other review is correct and that they've changed their ways. We got our dog back from this place with a broken leg. Vet said that someone must have hit him with something.


    nice critters


    10 years ago was very bad

  • 3. warm friendly people

    by: houndpound

    I love the staff here, I adopted my lab in 2005 and have been in touch with the ACO's ever since. They genuinely care for the animals and the people adopting them.


    clean, friendly helpful staff, I found my best friend there


    it's a county shelter