Live and let live farm

20 paradise lane
Chichester, NH 03258

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. I found my best friend there! My horse!

    by: Emerall

    I love LLLF I live my dream of having a horse rescue thru this horse rescue. I know that Teresa does the best she can with what she has. If it wasn't for her these horses would have no place to go. She puts all her heart and soul into this place.


    All the caring volunteers that take care of the horses!


    I wish the rescue had more money to do more.

  • 2. Love this Rescue

    by: shedevil2380

    My sister and I both adopted horses from them and my sister got her goats from there too. My sister and I als do a lot of volunter work for them. Live and Let Live Farm is a great rescue and really deserves this money.


    They rescue all diffrent types of animals not just dogs or cats. They do pets and farm animals. Any animal needs help they will help.


    They don't have any employee's only volunters. To much to do and not enough people.