Lincoln county humane society

430 gavilan canyon road
Ruidoso, NM 88345
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User Reviews (9)

  • 1. I Recommend This Shelter to EVERYONE

    by: akaMiMi

    I can't say enough about this shelter. They keep the animals as long as possible, personalize the care of each individual, are extremely helpful, and the adoption fees are reasonable.It is the only shelter I have ever visited that I didn't leave in tears. Every animal is named,has toys and is played with, exercised, and socialized. The staff is knowledgable AND honest about the temperment and needs of the animals, and incredibley patient and helpful during the process of matching a pet to a new home. If you are looking to adopt a pet, or for some reason have to surrender one, this is the shelter to go to. Check out the available animals online at I got my little gal Tessa (then named Reagan) there in Oct 2008 and couldn't be happier. She is 8 months old now and as soon as she is out of the puppy-stage I plan on going back and adopting a brother or sister for her...probably an adult dog this time.


    The animals are extremely well cared for


    not one

  • 2. Making do with what you have!!!

    by: neelyja

    While this shelter is hardly the best i have seen, it is getting better and has a strong staff and volunteer group!! In my opinion this shelter is doing a fine job with the meager support it presently has.


    Doing a great job with very little support!!!


    Has a long way to go and support is sorely needed!!

  • 3. Fun fundraising

    by: kimmyzilla

    The Furr Ball every year is a great fundraiser. Everyone has a good time and raises money for the shelter.


    Very caring staff


    some find it difficult to find

  • 4. Great Place to Look for a Companion

    by: hofferp

    I got my last Shetland sheepdog from LCHS, and she was beautiful when I picked her up three years ago and she's beautiful now. LCHS had taken wonderful, personal care of Reecie until they found her a home. She was well groomed, medically healthy and ready for a new home, which she now shares with her brother and sister (also Shelties). If (when) I get another pet, it will probably be from LCHS, even though I live 120 miles from Ruidoso. I've gotten pets from the local rescue, but I really like the LCHS staff and will probably look there first.


    Truly caring staff, board and volunteers


    The shelter is running out of room...

  • 5. Wonderful Pets

    by: pschuetz

    I am a volunter with the Lincoln County Humane Society. We currently have in our home 1 dog adopted here in Lincoln County. The staff made it so eash and went out of their way to help us find the one we were looking for. Our first dog was an adopted pet and gave us much pleasure.


    Helpful and cooperative staff


    Can't take them all home

  • 6. HSLC

    by: hslc2008

    A great shelter to find your next family member!


    Welcoming staff, healthy animals


    Building needs maintenance

  • 7. A volunteers point of view

    by: PGervais

    I am a volunteer at the shelter. I enjoy volunteering there. The staff is friendly and personable. We get some of the sweetest animals in the shelter but even if an animal comes in that isn't so sweet it still gets treated great. The staff works hard to keep the shelter clean and to get the animals adopted or reunited with their rightful owners.\r\nWe, as volunteers, participated in an off site adoption just a few weeks ago by walking some of the dogs in a parade and then staying with them and some of the staff in an area at the end of the parade route so that folks could come and get a closer look. It was very successful and we had quite a few adoptions that day...GREAT! My husband and I both participated and I have to say we felt so good at the end of that day about what we had done and what the shelter had done towards trying to find those animals a new home.\r\n


    Wonderful staff, freindly and helpful volunteers


    not enough area to walk dogs safely

  • 8. Big audacious goals!

    by: CindyLynch

    I serve as volunteer Treasurer for the Lincoln County Humane Society. We are geographically a large county in NM but population wise, small. Our shelter cares for all abandoned and unwanted animals in the county and has approximatley 1600 animals a year to look after. Average cost per animal is $265...our daily expenses average $912! Only 25% of our funding comes from the municipalities and county government that we provide services for. That means an awful lot of dollars that have to be provided through fundraisers and the general public. It is a huge burden and with the downturn in the nation's economy, it is going to become extremely difficult to raise those contributions! I am already losing sleep at night worrying where the money is going to come from and what are we, the Board of Directors, going to do to keep our shelter running efficiently! We have big dreams and becoming a qualified contestant for the MAKEOVER would be awesome!! Help us...............


    We need financial help desperately!


    Economy is going to dramatically effect us!

  • 9. Many Thanks to HSLC!

    by: Jeppa

    We adopted our twin boys (grey tabby cats) at the age of 4 months old. They had been in the shelter for some time because they didn't want the boys separated. Very wise! These boys are definitely different cats, but together you can tell they belong together forever. Everyone was very caring and concerned when we had an incident with one of the cats shortly after the adoption. They helped us out in any way possible and the boys are doing well again. The care and compassion these people have for the animals shows in anything they do. \r\n\r\nWe are extremely happy with our cats and would not think twice about adopting another animal from this shelter...when the time comes!


    Very Patient!


    Too many animals to choose from :(