Lifelong friends pet adoptions (formerly lago vista paws)

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Lago vista, TX 78645
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User Reviews (9)

  • 1. Caring and Compassionate!

    by: CPW

    Caring and compasionate no kill shelter. Yes, lots of animals, but each one is well cared for and tended to. Staff makes every attempt to adopt to LIFELONG and committed families. If you were declined, its probably b/c you wanted to let your cat run outdoors in coyote country, planned to declaw, or maybe you just had creepy kids, who knows? This is a shame that this shelter is in question. Lago Vista wont know what they had until its gone- then it will be too late. Stand up Lago Vista citizens- its YOUR shelter! Fight to stay No Kill and volunteer at this caring shelter.


    caring, compassionate, no kill


    they have to deal with a city government with archaic views and who are less than helpful

  • 2. New management

    by: Melody

    The previous managment did not take care of the animals in their care. This is a new start and is much needed.


    New management


    Don't know yet

  • 3. Needs Major Help

    by: nicolefanusa

    I volunteered at Lago Vista one Saturday this past summer. They are a real no-kill shelter, in that they absolutely do not put animals down because of space. While that is great, they are in desperate need of additional help moving animals out of there. On the day I visited they had probably 200 cats in a room designed for about 30. Every inch of floor space, including a ton of shelving and kennels, was occupied by the cats.\n\nThere is no doubt that the staff cares about the animals, and is extremely protective of them. However, they are drowning in their own good deeds. Unless things change, I fear the county will eventually shut them down for health reasons.\n\nThe biggest problem is the lack of adoptions compared to intake numbers. They are only open a few hours a week to the public, the application process takes far too long (and must be approved by a committee), and they restrict adoptions for a long list of reasons. If you run a no-kill shelter, you can't be so choosy about the people who adopt your animals. You need to get them out the door, into homes, any way you can.\n\nThey could use a lot more volunteer help, increased hours, off-site adoptions, and some fresh ideas. The people associated with this shelter have big hearts, but unless things change I fear they will be shut down, and the animals moved to a different facility where they will be put down.


    Caring Staff with Hearts in Right Place


    Overwhelmed with Animals

  • 4. Great no-kill shelter in Texas Hill Country

    by: rosiepantz

    I adopted my German Shepherd Crystal from Lifelong Friends about a year & a half ago. I visited several times to make sure Crystal was the right dog for me. The staff was very patient and also wanted to make sure that Crystal and I were a good fit before I brought her home. \n\nThe dogs are loved and well-cared for at this shelter. They get to run off-leash and play on the shelter grounds for a period of time every day for exercise. I'm really glad they took such good care of Crystal until I found her.


    Friendly, caring staff, lots of big dogs


    a bit of a drive

  • 5. Disgusting Facility

    by: TheSarahDavis

    Recently I went to Lago Vista Paws to look at puppies. Upon entering the facility I was immediately met by an overbearing odor of Urine and Feces. The cats in the cat rooms were crammed inside with tons of other cats. The dogs were all over the yard that they stay in with no room to run around. Some of the dogs were losing hair and smelled terrible. I had high hopes going to this no-kill facility, but when I left I just felt sad for the animals having to live in this terrible condition.


    Better than killing these animals, but barely


    Disgusting facility, overcrowded, rude staff

  • 6. A Nice Staff

    by: AC88

    I remember it better as PAWS, but I know that the people who work there are very courteous and friendly. I used to go there with my grandmother and they were always really nice people, and in this day and age those kinds of people are hard to come by. It's a great resource.


    clean, staff super nice


    difficult to volunteer at (when PAWS)

  • 7. Great Place

    by: Kedwards

    The Lago Animal shelter is a great place. The people care about all the animals. There is not enough room for all the strays. The shelter needs to be expanded.


    All animals taken in


    Not enough space for all the strays

  • 8. Shelter makes a difference

    by: KymDylan

    This shelter has been wonderful for the community as a whole. The families whoese life it touches are changed forever in a positive way. I know our family appreciates everything the volunteers and the shelter does.\r\n


    Great staff and volunteers


    Need more room

  • 9. A great no-kill animal shelter

    by: dlwalker

    Lifelong Friends is a wonderful no-kill animal shelter whose staff and volunteers truly care about the well-being of the animals. I adopted a cat there a few years ago, and he is the best, most socialized cat I've ever met! The caretakers know the animals very well and are therefore able to match potential adopters with the appropriate animals. They do whatever needs to be done to maintain the health and safety of their animals. I was so impressed with the shelter that I began volunteering there!


    They take wonderful care of the animals; the animals are well socialized; they do a great job matching animals to adopters


    Shelter location is a far drive from town