Lewis county humane society

6388 pine grove road
Glenfield, NY 13343
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User Reviews (6)

  • 1. With Out Them I wouldn't Have HAd Nakita In my life

    by: jmaccue

    We got our rotti there about 8 years ago she was beatiful she was a runaway that cliff picked up just down the road from our house. Cliff does does a good thing to pick up strays when we went back there to get another dog when our rotti passed away in may he just acted like it was a chore to help us 2 very different experience.


    picks up strays and finds them homes


    kinda rude

  • 2. rawr

    by: gundol

    its ok i mean they do alot of stuff and its cool but the spca is better i think in my opinon


    there cool


    bad staff

  • 3. Doing the best they can!

    by: mstonto

    I have gotten a cat and a dog from the shelter. No problems adopting and they were knowledgeable and courteous. They have tough job and I think they do the best they can!


    Have a lot of animals and don't euthenize!


    pretty crowded because they don't euthenize

  • 4. Kris Horning, a customer

    by: weirdnurse

    I adopted one of my cats from there,the staff was very helpful to me.The guy that was there that day handled the animals in a caring way.


    very helpful,loving to the animals



  • 5. Needs Improvement

    by: peteandamie

    I've had experience with this shelter and its staff. They aren't as accomodating as they let on, and don't take as good of care of the animals as they deserve. They take in strays- and that's about it. Not much extra.


    Help find home for strays


    Difficult to work with

  • 6. Terrific Facility!

    by: MMCB

    I've had great experiences adopting two of my cats from this shelter. The adoption process was very easy and the staff was very knowledgeable. The facility was clean and and the animals well cared for. I have also had to give two strays to this shelter and they have taken them in and found them good homes. The shelter uses very means at their disposal to find good homes for the animals. Thanks to Cliff and his staff, including all of the volunteers - they do well with the space and resources that they have.


    Friendly, caring and well kept facility


    Limited space