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  • 1. Great Dog Walker!

    by: bjyhudson

    I have to admit this great dog walker is my cousin, Patril Southworth. She recently visited us over the holidays. We have 2 very unruly, untrained but wonderful Humane Society rescued dogs. Boo is a Black Labrador and Bear is a Flat Coated Retriever. Since we live in the country we don't generally 'walk' our dogs. It is a definite problem when I must put them on a leash (to go to the vet). Either one of them can easily drag me. I would love to take them to obedience training but have not had the time. When Patril visited us she took them both out into the pasture (where they usually run flat out) on leashes - at the same time! Patril is smaller than I am but she had wonderful control over these large dogs! She brought them back and gave me a very detailed and precise breakdown of their strengths and weaknesses as regards to training. It has been very helpful. And Boo and Bear adore her!


    Can manage unruly animals


    Lives too far away from us