Leicester Animal Clinic

1205 Main Street
Leicester, MA 01524

User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Great Clinic and Vets

    by: JillianG

    Dr. Yancy was referred by multiple friends (breeders, trainers, judges) who have known him for years. I have now been taking my dogs/cat to him for a few years.\n\nI travel 45 minutes each way to visit him rather than a closer vet.\n\nNot only does he provide great care and service for his regular patients, but he donates his appointments for the assistance dogs I train.


    Great vets, happy to work with knowledgeable owners


    I live too far away...

  • 2. Caring and knowledgable

    by: anarresa

    Both the doctors are knowledgable and care about your animal's physical and mental well being. They either have good memories or good paperwork because they always seem to reconize my pets and ask about the resolution of past issues. The assistants are also very friendly and helpful. The quarters are a bit cramped and there's only one walkway in and out so there are some traffic jams, but I've never had a big problem. The prices are reasonable and they understand everyone's on a budget. Better than some other vets I've used, so highly recommended.


    excellent care for the pet's health and happiness


    small location - waiting and exam rooms

  • 3. Friendly, great service

    by: dawnh

    Dr. Yancy is friendly, knowledgeable and family oriented.\r\neven my kids like to go to the vet!


    friendly staff, great pet section



  • 4. warm and welcoming

    by: eacosta

    Dr. Yancee and Dr. Nygard are well qualified and really liked by my family and pets.


    great staff onsite at all times


    they're in the next town over