Lehigh county humane society

640 dixon street
Allentown, PA 18103
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User Reviews (7)

  • 1. Worst Shelter I have EVER seen

    by: pamela2

    I was just in this so called HUMANE SOCIETY and was alarmed at the filth I saw. No food, No water, feces and urine in all the cages. Blood on the floor in one cage. Spoke with the shelter manager and informed her of the blood, and she just WALKED AWAY!!!! Rude uninformed workers, not to mention they were KILLING the animals right upstairs by heartstick while people were looking at the available pets. The screams were horrific. This place needs to be SHUT DOWN ASAP!!!!!!!! They have the nerve to call themselves a SHELTER ???????? DISGUSTING PLACE....




    Cages were filty, the staff was unfriendly and the animals are suffering

  • 2. clean

    by: doogzo7

    I found the facilit to be very clean the staff was very plesant but the animal control officer I did not feel did his job he has let some abusers go an others not They know have a new officer Ive heard hopefully he'll do a better job Otherwise the facility is really nica, organized and clean


    clean facility


    didnt feel animal control did there job

  • 3. So CUTE!

    by: emonkey123

    All I want to do is take all the animals home! They need more space! Help them!


    The animals are so cute!


    They need more space!

  • 4. good shelter

    by: karenpasquel

    My husband went here to look at some of the dogs we had viewed on petfinder. He said the staff was nice and the cages were clean. Dogs of various sizes are separated too which I feel is very important. Unfortunately (for us) but fortunately for the animals they were all adopted or returned to their owners already. We did finally adopt a wonderful dog and we're very happy with her.


    Caring staff


    farther away

  • 5. Standard review

    by: luvmyzoocrew

    I went there last year to adopt my rabbit. I found the people there not extremely friendly. The overall look of the place was pretty good. \r\n\r\nWhen I adopted my rabbit they told me everything that they knew about him, and from the information I was able to find out more indepth information. They rabbits are not fed a variety of veggies, but that is also due to lack of money. My rabbit was housed on a wire bottom cage which is really bad for rabbits.


    wait 24 hours after filling out application to make sure that this is the right decision



  • 6. Very polite and helpful

    by: mra925mra

    My husband and I visited many shelters, one of which was two hours away. Lehigh County was a very busy place, which is a good thing because that means people are opting to adopt instead of buying from a pet store or byb. The staff was very friendly and polite, offering assistance when they thought we could use it when introducing our dogs to their new potential BFF. Yes, we had to wait to see the selected dog, yes we had to wait once the paperwork was filled out, but it was very minimal. It was well worth the wait because we saved a dog!!!! They gave us literature on owning a dog, introducing a new dog, etc. They made sure our dog was spayed before taking her home- thank goodness someone is helping to keep down the pet overpopulation! They were timely in calling us once our application was approved. The shelter was kept clean. They have a meet and greet room where you can get to know your new pet. They allowed us to bring in our dogs to meet our potential new dog. It was an overall pleasant experience, would definitely recommend!!!


    staff was very helpful!


    the small amount of waiting, but it was worth it!

  • 7. Don't respond in a timely manner.

    by: Jillg

    I had called the office to report animal cruelty to which I stumbled upon in my own job. They took 5+ days to respond to a home where the animals were kept in a dark basement, no food, small kennels, and living in feces....\r\n\r\nThe officer is not that friendly.


    Very clean


    Slow to respond