League for animal protection spca, inc.

53 brooksite drive
Smithtown, NY 11787

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Allowing puppy cruelty in Smithtown

    by: RuthStone

    How can you tout yourselves as an animal protection service when just a few blocks away, the pet store, Pick of the Litter is still in business? Shame on you! Have you been in there? I walked in and the stench of urine and feces overpowered me. Most of the puppies are full grown and skittish because they have not been held. Their nails are too long for them to walk well. The building is cold and they are kept in open slatted cribs with only flat newsprint, no blankets or toys, not even shredded paper. One morning I drove past and there was a brown furry puppy run over at the curb right outside the door! If you want to do good, why don't you start up the block?!!!


    not doing anything about cruelty up the street


    what good are they? they allow a horrible pet store up the block from them to remain open

  • 2. Could do more

    by: aussiejodi

    I know of people who've made calls to this group over the years and have had a tough time getting anyone to do anything. We always seem to see them on tv when it comes to high profile cases, but the smaller ones seem to be often overlooked. I know its hard to even get a person on the phone because I've tried and had to call many times. They could do more. Start fundraising and get some paid staff.


    Investigate crutelty cases


    Only seem to do high profile cases