League for animal protection of huntington, inc.

P.o. box 390
Huntington, NY 11743
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User Reviews (5)

  • 1. Mixed Feelings

    by: Our3Muttz

    I have 2 dogs from here. While I was definitely impressed with the volunteers here, I have to say that the employees disappointed me. They didn't really seem to care about the animals. In fact, one of our dogs was terrified, huddling in the back of the page when we went to get him. Rather than taking the extra time to calm him, the man just grabbed him by the collar and yanked him out. The poor dog peed everywhere since he was terrified. I urge people to adopt from here because you really are saving a life.


    Great Volunteers Who Really Care


    Some of the employees are awful!

  • 2. They do good work

    by: aussiejodi

    This group do good work. They work out of the Huntington Town Shelter to get the dogs in that shelter in homes. They need to network with other no-kill shelters though as if we team up we can do even more stuff to help the animals.


    Save the lives of animals


    Need to work with other no kills

  • 3. Honest and Caring

    by: CLZ

    This shelter cares about the animals and wants to see them in a good home. I have a cat from there for 14 years and he's a beauty.


    Healthy animals



  • 4. nice shelter

    by: Merry

    I recommend this shelter to my friends when they are looking to adopt.I have gotten my cats from there.


    This shelter has nice indoor/outdoor areas for the cats......many nice cats too


    is at the end of a road

  • 5. Nice shelter

    by: CatsHaveMyHeart

    This is a nice shelter. It's kept pretty clean and the cats have a nice room attached to an outdoor enclosure.


    clean, nice environment


    a little crowded