Le chien etc.

22840 ventura blvd.
Woodland hills, CA 91364
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Wonderful Groomers

    by: Liadan

    I'm sorry one person had a bad time there, but I've always had a great experience at Le Chien. Their groomers are very knowlegable and the grooming is always of a high quality. My dog tugs at the leash to go to the back room to see her 'friends'. I always get great advice on dog care and training of my dog. The prices may seem high, but have you ever googled Petco or Petsmart and seen all the lawsuits against them? It takes time to have a good groom and it takes money to get good groomers. I don't spend money on skin problems at the vet any more. My dog is happy. The place is never too hot from dryers, and always looks clean. If someone "confronted" me so angrily, I don't think I care if you came back either.


    Experienced Knowledgable Groomers



  • 2. awful dreadful appalling

    by: rickq

    These people treated our dog awfully and when we confronted them, we were treated extremely rudely. They are very unprofessional. We when told them that we would never return, they replied that they couldn't care. No apology, no remorse.


    absolutely nothing


    unprofessional, rude