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  • 1. Stay Away from these unqualified people. My dog is DEAD becuase of a error from these Clowns!

    by: eriklievano

    I brought my 5 year old Golden Retriever here in Aug. 08 and left him in the care if the doctor... Or so I thought. My dog Henry was sick and vomiting but still active. I brought Henry to Pine Castle Animal clinic to get checked out and treated. I authorized them to do whatever it took to treat him and to let me know the cost. We loved Henry so money was not an issue. Well... This day the Doctor Craig decided he was going to leave early to board up his windows for a storm. He never gave Henry a simple XRay that could have saved his life. He left unqualified techs incharge of diagosing my dogs illness and when theycalled me 4 hours after I dropped Henry off to tell me he was dying and wouldn't make it through the day I was shocked. I went there and asked what was going on? The tech says we believe it could be a spider bite, snake bite, poison, k9 aids, k9 cancer, a blockage or parvo....I was like... What? Which is it? The tech simply coundn't say for sure. Now mind you my dog walked with me into the clinic 4 hours earlier. Then come to find out the doctor left early this day! Well... Henry made it throught the day but they (Pine Casle Animal Clinic) would not allow Henry to stay overnight for treatment and they had me load him into the back of my car at 5pm when they were closing. I brought hime to an all night clinic where they gave Henry and XRAY right away and found a simple blackage in his intestine. An xray would have saved my dogs life and these people didn't even recognize text book symptoms and basic k9 medical procedures. So this ordeal cost me $2700, my dog is dead and to top it off... I had a run in with this doctor Craig J. Lautenschlager in the parking lot of his clinic months later (as I worked right next door) and he admitted to me that he would have done things differently if he could go back... Then he had the nerve to ask me if I wanted to hit him to even the score? Hit him? This guy is a joke! I don't want to hit him or anyone else. What I really want is my dog back... but I cant have that because if these people. My 3 year old daughter keeps telling people "Henry's with Jesus now" Stay clear of this place... It's a racket and a joke! Erik Lievano




    unqualified staff, lazy doctor, cost me $2700 and my dog is DEAD