Larimer Humane Society

6317 Kyle Ave
Fort Collins, CO 80527

User Reviews (12)

  • 1. Doing well with what they have

    by: katyquinn

    I think that as far as humane society shelters go this one is pretty good. They seem to always have people around to help you out even if they do not have the answer they will do what they can to find it out. Unfortunately most animals that come from there have upper respiratory problems, but that is very common at all shelters and very difficult to control. They have always been helpful when I am licensing my animals or when i need to post found animal reports.


    they seems to genuinely care about the animals


    volunteer staff does not always have the answer

  • 2. Better than nothing

    by: LShearer

    I got my older cat at the humane society when he was a kitten. He had a minor cold but was generally in good health and well-adjusted. The staff was busy but polite to me. I came in wanting a kitten, but I wish now that they had tried to convince me to get an older cat because I now see how much more they need to be adopted. They were clean enough and didn't charge a lot for the kitten, who had had shots and been neutered. I would adopt from them again over a pet store, but might go check out the FCCR first.


    They save as many animals as they can


    They also kill alot of animals

  • 3. Low numbers for adoption?

    by: chexylena

    I am always unsure why there are so few dog's available for adoption, when so many go through their system. It seems that many animals are quickly looked over for behavioral problems, and aren't given a fair chance. We all need to do are part to spay and neuter our pets and to give our dogs loving, forever homes.


    They make an effort to keep dog's out of harms way.


    Many dog's are euthanized due to strict behavioral testing.

  • 4. ok - theyre trying

    by: MrEric

    I have heard many bad stories about the humane society euthanizing pets to make room for more. I realize they get too many animals, but they could raise awareness.


    do try to help


    kill shelter

  • 5. Nice pet care

    by: catlover33

    It is great place is great if you are an animal in need. If you are a human then it is just ok.


    It is a nice place for the animals


    not the greatest for volenteering

  • 6. Great front desk staff!

    by: rescueadog

    The front desk staff is always friendly and helpful. The ACO's really seem to care and are always nice.


    friendly front desk and ACO's



  • 7. mixed feelings

    by: dweyer

    I am always torn by the humane society. \r\n\r\nI adopted a cat from them years ago. He came to me with a terrible cold and had to be medicated for the first sevreal weeks i owned him. Since then though he's been very healthy and is a great cat.\r\n\r\ni keep hearing they have a 100% adoption rate, but if that's so then why are animals being euthanized? Or how did this adoption rate get spread? Someone has to euthanize the overflow animals, but why say you've got a high adoption rate if that's not so. Wouldn't it make more of an impact to say "because people aren't getting their animals spayed and neutered we had to kill XXXX number of animals this year." People i talk to have no clue how bad it is! Wouldn't the truth work better???\r\n\r\nThe Animal Control section doing the licensing and such is just wonderful! They are very helpful and friendly and put up with all my questions.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n


    does adoptions


    euthanizes animals

  • 8. Nice staff but nedds improvement

    by: cnutz23

    Let's just say I know more than most about what happens at the humane society. While I agree with some of the reasons behind the euthanasia of certain animals, I do not agree with euthanizing animals with minor health and behavioral problems or animals that are "too old." Some just simply need more time, patience or just a little extra understanding. Unfortunately, extra time and understanding are not cost effective. I hope that someday only irreparably sick or severely aggressive animals will have to be euthanized and so called 'borderline cases' will always get the benefit of the doubt rather than the doubt.\n\nI would also like to see more cooperation between the humane society and no-kill shelters. This would reduce the number of animals being put down due to "lack of space" and "monetary issues." Not to mention it would give more people the chance to find an animal that could potentially be a great pet.


    Nice and friendly staff


    Poor euthanasia policy

  • 9. Love it

    by: celticwoman2

    I love this shelter and maybe thats because I work there. I think that our mission is generally good. I know that our vet staff cares for all the animals here and our kennel staff cleans and loves every animal here. Our Service Desk staff is always trying to assist and help all clients no matter what their needs are. Sometimes, we cannot go as fast as we would like, but we always try to be compassionate and helpful no matter if it is a surrender, an adoption, a return, a reclaim, licensing, or just answering questions. We try to send people to local rescues if we don't have what someone is looking for.The best part of working there is educating people on animal care and the importance of spaying and neutering, also trying to place animals in an ideal home. Yes, we see many sad things and have to deal with the fact that not all animals will be adoptable. But, sometimes we have to look at the bigger picture even if it is hard. Support You local Humane Society and Rescues! We all have the same goal - love all animals and take care of them, spay and neuter and always be kind to them.


    love animals


    needs more space

  • 10. they have many pros and many cons

    by: ChanelFOCO

    My family has lived in Fort Collins for 5 generations. We have always been animal lovers and have always adopted dogs and cats from Larimer, that is until organizations like Fort Collins Cat Rescue and Animal House came along. These organizations have forced this animal loving community to take a deeper look at what really happens in shelters. These organizations (and others like them) are going to make Larimer a better organization. Now that Larimer sees what the community appreciates in these organizations maybe they can step it up. Unfortunately there is plenty of room for all the organizations to exist in harmony in Northern Colorado. There is a huge pet overpopulation problem and we need all hands on deck to help curve the statistics.


    They have been serving Fort Collins and surrounding areas for a very long time


    They are stuck in their ways and times are changing with the no kill movement

  • 11. Hmm...

    by: jbowser09

    Now, I have to say I do support the Larimer County Humane Society, because I've adopted three pets from there, two dogs and one cat. But, I got to say, I'm not too happy with it in general. First of all, they end up euthanizing a lot of animals, though they are now working with Animal House so they don't euthanize quite as much, but still, animals do die there. Also, since it's basically the most popular animal shelter in my area, a ton of animals end up there, making it very crowded, and creating poorer living conditions for the animals. The animals there are so incredibly sad, and that's how I thought it was at all animal shelters, but after visiting Animal House I realize that's just not true. I mean, the last dog I adopted there was constantly huddled and shaking while at the Humane Society, but after a couple of days being at home, she was completely different, exponentially more hyper than the Humane Society categorized her as. Anyway, this is getting really long, so I'll wrap it up. I'd definitely adopt an animal from there, but mostly so I could get it out of that environment and ensure it's avoidance of getting euthanized.


    lots to choose from, the people do indeed care, I've gotten three pets so far from them


    euthanizes, animals usually very depressed there

  • 12. Try harder

    by: KipperSnack1

    Not a bad shelter as shelters go, but I think that too many dogs and cats are euthanized that could be adopted. I am basing my opinion on the rigid temperament testing that they do. I also don't feel that minor health issue like kennel cough or demodectic mange are reasons for euthanasia. I would like to see a behaviorist hired that could guide staff in working with dogs in order to make them adoptable. I would like to see a less rigid form of temperament testing. My sweet, loving, hard working dogs would not pass their temperament testing.


    Lots of fund raising, financial support


    Need to work harder to save more dogs and cats.