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  • 1. If you truly love your pet.....

    by: keeponbelievin

    /31/2010- My 5 year old, ordinarily VERY healthy dog suddenly became ill, so I took her to my personal vet. After a day of treatment, the vet felt that the labs and xrays she had did not provide enough information to pinpoint the exact problem. The dog was starting to struggle, so my vet recommended that I take my dog to this med center for further testing.The Lansing Veterinary Medical Center had me pay $1,340 minimal testing. Got her there Sat at 6 p.m. Within two hrs, they were calling& asking for more $. They tried to tell me that they needed a downpayment of $2,000 (the rest byTues 6/1) towards a $6,000 blood transfusion! They diagnosed her with Pyometra, a severe but common infection. Yet needed more money for IV fluids. I consulted my own vet, and since the LVMC would not work with me at all regarding billing or payment arrangements (besides the fact that I had just given them $1,300 debit payment), we decided to take her back to MY vet for treatment. My dog had a very serious, but common infection. I called the LVMC back that same night to ask how long my $1,300 would get her treatment, as my personal vet would not be home until 5 p.m that next day. At 1 a.m. Sunday, I was informed that, IF I kept her there until 5 p.m., on the IV fluids and medication that she had ALREADY BEEN GIVEN, I would owe ANOTHER $1,000 !!!! I told them that I had already given them all that I had, and was told that they could not continue treatment if I didn't have more money. It was Sunday morning of a holiday weekend!!!!! I have a full time job, and had just given them $1,300 at 6 p.m. Saturday, yet they would not work with me at all on payments arrangements or billing of any kind. Having said this, I drove up to Lansing at 2 a.m. to pull my dog out of veterinary care. To top it off, they said that if I didn't sign a consent form stating that I was pulling her against medical advice, I couldn't have her medical records!!!!! I informed the receptionist, " I am not pulling her against medical advice, I am taking her to MY vet who will treat her and work with me on payment arrangements! I just paid you $1,300 six hours ago, every penny that I had, and you have told me that you cannot treat her if I don't pay you more. My vet will work with me, and will treat her. I do not have a choice". His response, "There is always a choice!". After less than a day of treatment, they suggested that I PUT HER DOWN rather than take her home and transfer her to another vet!! She just turned 5, had never had medical problems, and wasn't even given a day of a treatment option that takes "several days" (per the internet). INeedless to say, I DO NOT recommend this vet, in any circumstance! They exaggurated my dogs symptoms (saying that her kidneys had failed, in order to justify the blood transfusion they were trying to encourage, yet when I picked her up, they admitted that she was urinating. While I had herhome on Sunday, she also urinated just fine. Obviously her kidneys were functioning!). I later found out that they had completely misdiagnosed her. UPDATE: June 2, 2010- after 1.5 days without the "blood transfusion", she was ready for surgery. Today, surgery was performed, and it WASNT even Pyometra as LVMC diagnosed! My vet got in to do the surgery and discovered that it was a ruptured bowel! My dog sat in their "hospital", on Saturday, with a hole in her intestine, while they did nothing about it! Obviously they didn't do any of the "testing" that they charged me for, or else they would have known that she did NOT have a uterine infection (Pyometra). On Thursday, June 3, a day and a half after surgery, my dog passed away. I lost my best friend. Had she been diagnosed correctly on Saturday by LVMC, she may have had a chance!!!! Knowing this, I am totally heartbroken. DO NOT TAKE YOUR PETS HERE!


    NONE whatsoever


    Dishonest. Greed over quality of care. Incompetent

  • 2. The were great in an emergency!

    by: kclementz

    These guys have been great for me. I have a very rambunctious dog and a couple summers ago, he kept getting hurt. First he got stung by something and got welts the size of half dollars all over his body. Then he decided to amputate a toe while chasing a squirrel. The staff there was very caring and very complete when treating Winston. I love my vet, but she is actually only open 3 days a week and in both of these instance I could not wait for a call back from her. It definitely makes me feel more comfortable knowing that they are just around the corner if I need anything!


    Open 24 hours...


    I usually only go there in an emergency...

  • 3. The best Vet Care in the State!

    by: kcepperson

    Lansing Vet Urgent Care recently extended their hours to open 24. They are extremely caring, professional, and down to earth. Dr. Williams and Dr. Copeland and two very bright and wonderful people let alone see what the can do for your pets! I have found them to be very responsive and truly care about what the do and the owners of their patients. Great for emergencies or just a routine visit for shots. AAA++++


    Friendly, Caring, Emergency Services, Location