Langlade county humane society inc.

2204 clermont street
Antigo, WI 54409
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User Reviews (5)

  • 1. ntigo Humane Society

    by: Antigoanimalgirl97

    The shelter is a small place but the workers keep it clean and it does not smell in there at all. It may be small but we are a no kill shelter and our animals get taken good care of. The shelter has some problems but we all at least try to help the shelter whoever is a animal lover should get up and help every little bit helps you never know how much we appreciate it. The workers at the shelter and me to tthe best voulenteer Heather Johnson would appreaciate if u all of langlade county would please donate to the Langlade County Humane Society


    Cleaness nicenesss perfect everything


    small shelter

  • 2. adoptions

    by: foochy

    I'm really glad about all the adoptions that has been going on at LCHS. I'm really proud that people in the Antigo area coming to the shelter. I think alot of it has to do with the staff they are very friendly. But I wish we had a better shelter it is cold in the back for the dogs I'm a volunteer & it's to cold to walk the dogs it would he nice if the shelter was bigger so we could take them in a room to love on them & get them away from the back for a while


    friendly staff


    to small of a shelter

  • 3. Nice place

    by: l8dybird

    Overall the people were very friendly and helpful.


    nice staff


    very small

  • 4. Overall Review

    by: k8t3469

    Overall the staff is excellent, I worked with them one day. They keep cages clean, floors clean, do laundry, very friendly, but they should assign 1 person per room (4people total) for cleaning, feeding, and playing with so animals get taken care of sooner! They really need better ventalation in the room where the sick pets are, I would hate to breathe in all those fumes with that door closed. (Believe me I was in there, I almost passed out.) They need more space for all cleaning products! Like a seperate room, away from the animals. All in all they need a bigger building. Believe me if I had the money I would definatly donate it.


    nice, loving, caring, clean


    needs more space for cats, and cleaning supplies

  • 5. help us

    by: robinson

    The pets are well cared for now and they are becoming heathier and healthier. We keep them foremost on the list. Their given all of the love and affection that we have time for but it is never enough to compare with an owners love of his or her pet. We have a long way to go but we are making progress. We also need people on the society that are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and help the board to do the repairs that are needed at the shelter. We also have to help even if we feel that the ideas are not what we would do but the majority has spoken. The building is old and needs to be updated to be best for the animals as right now the cats are in with the dogs at night and I feelthat the noise is just too much for the cats. As far as them being out in the enclosed run, that is great, but they need to be insulated. We don't live in a warm climate and that is where we need people to come down and help with that project. I don't feel that there is enough of that. The employees and the few from the board and society that do help out are really being taxed and tempers are running high. That too can be detrimental for the animals. The music being played down at the shelter too should be aimed to the welfare of the animals not to the kids or adults who are there. The heat system is spotty where one room is cold and the other is almost too warm. Everything about the shelter shouts makeover but we are trying to do the best with what we have.


    we are trying to be the best, it is better than the winter cold out side, they have good people to care for them and they are also fed well to keep them healthy, we work closely with the vet to have our animals as healthy as possible


    they need to have someone to love them and for them to love back, to many bosses and not enough indians