Lanett Animal Clinic

1815 Veterans Memorial Pkwy
Lanett, AL 36863

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Maybe it's time to close shop....

    by: iheartminischnauzers

    I started taking my animals to Dr. Thomas and his daughter in 2006. My dislike for them grew more with each visit. At first I thought they were a Godsend with their affordable prices, then I started noticing that they were telling me things that were false. It started when they told me that one of my dogs was infested with tape worms. I took the medication home, but I knew my dog did not have worms. I did not give the medication to my dog and when we returned for a recheck, I lied and said, yes, I had given the medication as prescribed, and lo and behold when my results came back my dog was parasite free. That was the first of many incidences. The straw that broke the camels back was when I took a litter of puppies in to have their tails and dew claws removed. He told me the puppies were covered in fleas and I should buy adams to rub all over them to kill the fleas and frontline the mother (which I was doing anyhow). When I got the puppies home I examined them VERY thoroughly and there were no fleas OR flea eggs OR flea dirt. I had a friend who is a vet tech for another clinic examine them as well, and her findings were the same as mine, no fleas. I vowed never to go back, but I didn't plan on bad mouthing them to anyone either. That changed when the puppies whose dew claws he "removed" started growing toenails out of the side of their legs. Dr. Thomas is past his prime, he should seriously consider closing up shop.


    They are cheaper than anyone else


    You get what you pay for

  • 2. One Of The Best In The Valley

    by: Mudpuppy1393

    I have been taking my pets to Dr.Thomas since he started his veterinary practicehere.The first time that I met him I knew that he was very caring about all animals. Now Dr.Thomas' daughter Meredith-or Dr. Meredith as everyone calls her, has joined her Dad at the practice. They both are excellent veterinarians. I highly recommend them and their staff.


    Always ready to help no matter what


    Wish they were open later on Saturday